'Metaverse' will turn the virtual world into reality

This technology (Metaverse) will make the online virtual world feel like the real world.

Imagine a world where a company releases a new model of their car on the online market. As a buyer, you can drive the car from anywhere in the world.

It might sound like a sci-fi movie based on science fiction. But to be honest, it is no longer a fantasy. The work of creating such a technology has already started. This technology will make the online virtual world feel like the real world.

What is the Metaverse?

It is said that the Metaverse will be the future of the Internet. Because of the metaverse, the virtual world of the Internet will feel like the real world, where human interaction will be multidimensional. With Metaverse technology, you can not only see something, but also be able to immerse yourself in it.

To the layman (common people), Metaverse technology may seem like some version of virtual reality or VR for now. But it's actually much more than that. According to technologists, comparing virtual reality to the metaverse is like comparing today's smart-phones to eighties mobile phones.

Currently, VR is mostly used for online gaming, but Metaverse will be used for everything - from office work to games, concerts, movies, and even hanging out with friends.

3D avatar representative

Many imagine that in this metaverse technology the Internet user will have a 3D avatar or character of himself and represent him online. That is, it can move around and participate in various activities with other characters.

Metaverse technology can be said to provide access to a 'shared virtual environment' over the Internet. That is, it will be a digital space created using virtual reality where the digital world will be combined with the real world.

When you go through a street on Google Maps, you can see all the nearby cars, houses, and shops in Street View. If I want, I can sit in Dhaka and see the streets of London. But so far it's done. This is the beginning of the metaverse. What follows is that the experience of being in these places can be felt without me being there. By wearing a VR headset, you can browse your favorite websites without sitting in front of a computer. You can meet up with friends, go to music concerts, go shopping and pretty much everything.

Why so much discussion?

The digital world and Augmented Reality are the subject of heated discussions at times. And after a few days that excitement disappeared. However, this time there has been an uproar about metaverse among the investors and companies of the technology sector. As this technology is becoming the future of the internet, no one wants to be left behind in this race.

This is because this is the first time there has been an idea that technologists have come close to discovering metaverse technology. The idea was born out of the great advancements in VR gaming and internet connectivity.

At the top of Facebook's list of priorities is Metaverse technology. The head of this social media, Mark Zuckerberg, said that within the next five years, his company will become a Metaverse company.

Facebook recently announced the hiring of 10,000 workers to build this Metaverse technology in Europe. Investing a lot of money. They have created Oculus headsets for virtual reality that are cheaper than rival companies' sets. Researchers at Facebook parent company Meta Platforms Inc. are building the 'world's fastest AI supercomputer' for Metaverse.

Microsoft, Apple, Google, Roblox and Fortnite maker Epic Games Company are also working on developing Metaverse. Invested a lot of money.

Recently, the artist Ariana Grande performed music in a virtual concert of Fortnite in which hundreds of thousands of people participated, according to Epic Games.

And how far?

Virtual reality technology has improved a lot in the past few years. Some headsets have been developed that can manipulate the human eye in such a way that when you walk around the virtual world, it seems like you are seeing everything in 3D.

Technologists say that the work of creating Metaverse technology has already started. As internet speeds get faster, especially after 5G hits the market, all problems will be solved. 10 years ago the metaverse was limited to an idea. But at the moment it has gone too far. Next seven/eight years will see us entering the world of metaverse.

World Famous Fashion Brands

The number of fashion conscious people in the world is not less. As fashion trends have changed over the ages, so have fashion brands. However, with the change of time, some of the elite brands of the fashion world are still being appreciated all over the world. 

Let's know the names of some popular brands in the world.


Gucci is the oldest Italian fashion brand in the world. This brand was established in 1921. At first they started with leather items on a small scale but later gained popularity and fame across the world's fashion world. Gucci founder Guccio Gucci was a famous Italian fashion designer and businessman. The Gucci brand logo (GG) was not created by Gucci itself. It was designed to honor Guccio Gucci after his death in 1960. Currently Gucci's CEO is Marco Bizarri and Creative Director Alessandro Michele. Many of the world's high-profile designers work at Gucci, including Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney.

This brand is famous for manufacturing various products including handbags, ready-made clothes, shoes, makeup products, watches, perfumes. Gucci's 'Genius Jeans' product holds the Guinness World Record for the world's most expensive jeans. Bamboo products are known to be one of Gucci's most popular products. When leather became scarce in the 1940s, they experimented with alternative materials, including bamboo. This is how bamboo products became very popular.

In 2005, Gucci decided to partner with UNICEF on the condition that 1% of profits be spent on education and safe water for underprivileged children in the third world. Gucci's 'Chime for Change' project aims to empower young girls and women. It has invested in more than 200 different projects for women's economic success. At the end of 2020, the brand value of this company stood at 17.6 billion US dollars.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton is one of the largest and most powerful luxury brands in the world. The company was founded in 1854 by French fashion designer Louis Vuitton. Currently, the CEO of Louis Vuitton is Bernard Arnault, one of the richest people in the world. Most of the company's products bear the “LV” logo. This brand makes various accessories related to fashion including clothes, shoes, bags, watches, ornaments, sunglasses, books.

It has 460 showrooms in 50 countries around the world. Currently their brand value is 28.8 billion USD. This brand has made a great impact on both men and women in the fashion world.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss was founded by German fashion designer Hugo Boss in 1924. Started with two partners in Metzingen, Germany, the company initially manufactured shirts, jackets, workwear, sportswear and raincoats. Currently, Hugo Boss has more than 1,000 stores in 110 countries. Hugo Boss is famous for various products including clothes, perfumes, shoes. Mark Langer is now the CEO of Hugo Boss.

Calvin Klein

American brand Calvin Klein was founded in 1968. It was founded by American fashion designer Calvin Richard Klein. The brand is named after him. From clothes to denim, perfumes, watches, jewelry, Calvin Klein makes a variety of products. Sheryl Abel Hodges is currently the CEO of Calvin Klein.


The brand has come a long way as shown by Prada's chief designer, Miuccia Prada. In recent times, Prada's name has been at the top of the fashion conscious in accessory design. Prada is a combination of many things. Even if you like the collection of this classic fashion brand, the price is not low, but much higher. Their clothes have many peculiarities. They are famous for their style and all these features. Prada has an incredible collection of bags, shoes and clothing.

Dolce & Gabbana

The products of this brand are sold in more than 100 countries of the world and its popularity is increasing day by day. They have selected the most classic and appealing collection of dresses. Along with various accessories, shoes, perfumes and bags. You will find a huge collection of both boys and girls clothes here.


They have many types of products along with their collection of classic suits. They also have shoes, handbags or perfumes. They have started their kids collection recently. The children's suits are also quite nice.


This famous fashion brand is the center of attraction for the rich. The fabrics used in their clothes are very expensive and they keep their clothes trending with different and fun occasion wear. There are fashionable clothes for both boys and girls. Also get handbags, jewelery and other accessories.

Marc Jacobs

They are famous for their beautiful coats and jackets. They also have bags and clothing and perfumes. Trendy and luxurious things abound here. Marc Jacobs, famous for young people, is now the most popular and expensive brand in the world.


This luxury brand was founded in 1946 by designer Christian Dior. It is a very popular brand in Europe. Dior manufactures perfumes, watches and jewellery. Current brand value is USD 11.9 billion.

Estee Lauder

It is an American cosmetic brand. Established in 1946. It manufactures all kinds of skincare products and perfumes. Brand value is 30.8 billion US dollars.


The Swiss company Rolex was founded in 1905. It is a luxury brand for watches. This brand was the first in the world to make waterproof watches in 1926. It also dominates the world of sports. The current brand value is 8.7 billion US dollars.

Also in the fashion world there are many expensive brands including Burberry, Chanel, Fendi, Oscar de la Renta.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a computer software (technology) that, through data analysis, makes the machine or application useful in the manner of human intelligence and thinking power.

In other words Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the programs (like human intelligence) that think like humans and imitate their actions, that is to say, Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence and thinking power of humans implemented through technology.

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that tries to imitate human intelligence and thinking power by computers. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become a field of academic study, teaching how to create computers and software that will exhibit intelligence. Computers are brought to mimic cognitive units, so that computers can think like humans, such as learning and problem solving. Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence demonstrated by machines.

For example, with Tesla's new self-driving car and IBM's Deep Blue system, etc. Also, speech recognition or face recognition in smartphones are examples of artificial intelligence. Alan Turing is the father of artificial intelligence.

How does Artificial Intelligence (AI) work?

Artificial Intelligence usually uses algorithms and machine learning-facilities to analyze large data sets and report results and predictions.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has no need for pause. On the other hand, overworked people get tired and need a break. This is why artificial intelligence can perform thousands of tasks simultaneously. Also can learn many new things in a very short time.

Currently, Artificial Intelligence technology is solving complex problems. As a result, the demand for Artificial Intelligence technology is increasing day by day in various sectors. In the near future, AI will be able to make decisions by itself like the human brain.

The overall goal of artificial intelligence research is to develop technologies that enable computers and machines to act in intelligent ways.

Artificial intelligence modeling agents emphasize skills from higher reasoning that research attempts to simulate the inner structure of the brain because the main purpose of AI is to imitate human abilities.

Knowledge representation and knowledge engineering are central to AI research. Many problems that are expected to be solved by machines require extensive knowledge of the world. The kinds of things AI will represent are objects, properties, categories, and relationships between objects; Circumstances, events, conditions and times; cause and effect; knowledge about knowledge; and other research domains. The highest theory is that which attempts to provide the basis for all other knowledge.

The most difficult problems in knowledge representation are:

Default logic and eligibility issues:

For example, if a bird is discussed, people usually picture an animal that has a special shape, markings, and that can fly. All these things are not true about all birds. John McCarthy identified this problem in 1969 as the competence problem. AI research has attempted to address this problem.

Extension of commonsense knowledge:

The main goal of which is that the machine must have enough knowledge to understand the concepts required by reading from a computer-like source and be able to add them to its own ontology.

Some common sense symbolic forms:

Most of what people know is not represented as 'facts' or 'statements' that they can verbalize. For example, a chess master might avoid a certain chess range or an art critic might think a painting is fake just by looking at it. These are unconscious and sub-symbolic patterns or tendencies of the human brain. This type of knowledge transfer is mainly for symbolic and conscious knowledge. It is hoped that computational intelligence or statistical AI will provide ways to represent such knowledge.


In classical planning problems the agent can assume that this is the only system that works in the world and the agent specifies the outcome of his work. This is for an agent that can not only make assessments of its environment and make predictions, but also adhere to what its predictions depend on. Multi-agent planning uses the cooperation and competition of many agents to achieve a specific goal.


Machine learning is a fundamental concept in AI research since its inception as the study of computer algorithms that are capable of automatically improving through experience. The mathematical analysis of machine learning algorithms and their performance is known as computational learning theory which is a branch of theoretical computer science.

Mortgage Loan: Why and How to Get it?

Mortgage Loan

People dream of buying a large amount of assets, including buying a house. But for some reason it became time to make that dream a reality. The biggest obstacle in this regard is the financial crisis.

Maybe due to lack of enough money, your dream can't take off. But the best solution to this problem can be mortgage loan.

In today's article, we will try to know what a mortgage loan is, how to get it, what are the conditions to be fulfilled and the basics of mortgage loan. So let's dive into the main discussion.

[[ Clarification: Common information has been shared in this article. There must be differences in terms and conditions in different countries. ]]

What is a mortgage loan?

Taking a loan against a bank or a financial institution with a fixed asset as collateral is called a mortgage loan. These loans are usually taken for a long period of time. The term of which may be 5-20 years or more.

In case of mortgage loan, fixed assets have to be kept as collateral with the bank. In this case, the most widely used collateral is the Land Deed. Many individuals or organizations take mortgage loans for long-term investment or for the purchase of a fixed asset.

For example- suppose you want to build a house. Land and construction materials are required for building a house. Even if you can buy land with your earned money, you cannot start building a house due to financial instability. In such cases, this mortgage loan or mortgage loan can be the easiest and most appropriate solution.

By depositing the deed of the land you have purchased with a bank or financial institution, you can take a loan on a fixed term basis. Now you can complete the house construction work quickly with borrowed money. The entire amount of this loan can be paid in one lump sum or in several equal installments. You will get back the deposited loan document when the entire loan is paid off at Sudasal.

Hopefully, you have got a clear and good idea about mortgage loans. Now let's find out the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Why should I take a mortgage loan?

You know the answer to this question best. A mortgage loan is generally taken by mortgaging one fixed asset to finance the purchase of another fixed asset or investment in a project.

Since now you have an opportunity, but are unable to utilize it properly due to lack of sufficient funds, this money can be provided by a bank or a financial institution. You can mortgage any of your properties to make it easier for banks to lend.

What are the benefits of taking this loan?

They are –
  • Sufficient supply of money is easily available
  • Interest rates are affordable
  • No need to sell the property
  • You can also use the mortgaged property yourself. Only the bank will own it, but you cannot sell or transfer it, you can use it as you like without the bank's permission.

How do I start the mortgage process?

A financial plan is essential to start the mortgage process. Make a written plan of how much money you need and how much you want to borrow.

Now find the banks and other financial institutions in the country for taking mortgage loans. Internet will help you a lot in this regard. At this stage, make a list of banks by analyzing the loan interest rate, risk, security, reputation of the bank, conditions etc.

Select your most preferred bank from this list and contact them by phone call or face to face for more details. If your needs and capabilities match their conditions, they will inform you about the next steps for disbursing the loan.

However, if you are not very confident about this, take the help of an experienced person in choosing an alternative bank.

Am I eligible to get a mortgage loan?

I can say with absolute certainty that this question has come to the mind of everyone who is interested in taking out a mortgage loan at one time or more. Different banks follow their own rules when it comes to bank loans. Hence the eligibility to get loan varies from institution to institution.

However, according to banking regulations, to get a mortgage loan, the applicant must be a minor and earner and must have sufficient fixed assets as collateral against the loan. Apart from these, each bank has different conditions mentioned.

If you are an adult, you are capable of earning and you have enough fixed assets then you can be considered suitable for this loan.

Now the question may come in your mind, what amount of loan is available against mortgage assets?

A mortgage loan is available against any fixed asset owned by the owner. Such as land, buildings, buildings under construction, machinery etc. Typical mortgages lend at 50-80 percent against the current value of the collateral.

Loan disbursement rates vary from institution to institution. But it can be said with certainty that you will get a loan of more than 50%.

Let's say you bought a land for 8 lakhs, the current value of which is 10 lakhs. If 60% rate of loan is provided then you can get a loan of 6 lakh rupees. That is, the loan amount will be determined based on the current value of the asset.

How long does it take to get a mortgage loan?

Mortgage loans tend to have slightly longer delays than other personal loans. Usually this loan approval is available within one to two months. However, this time may be more or less depending on the policies, activities etc. of the organization.

Many times the loan approval is delayed due to complications in the valuation of collateral. And sometimes, if all the documents do not match, getting the loan is delayed. It basically depends on many factors. But generally speaking, mortgage loan or mortgage loan approval is available within 10 - 30 days.

What documents are required to take a mortgage loan?

Some documents are required to be submitted at the initial stage of applying for a mortgage loan and some more documents may be submitted at the final stage before the loan is approved. Documents vary based on financial institution, individual, type of collateral. But in most cases some common documents are required which are applicable to all.

Some of such documents are mentioned below –

  • Last one year tax clearance certificate
  • Copy or photocopy of utility bill
  • Bank statement of last one year
  • Copy of National Identity Card (NID) or Passport
  • Guarantor's papers
  • Mortgage deed
  • Proof of ownership in case of machinery
  • Loan agreement

Traders are also required to –

  • Business trade license for last three years
  • Bank statement of last one year
  • Partner agreement in case of partnership business

Employers may be required to –

  • Salary certificate
  • Employment Certificate

Apart from the documents mentioned here, other documents may be required. As mentioned earlier, these vary from bank to bank. So if you contact the concerned bank and know in advance, everything will be easier to arrange.

We have tried to give accurate and reliable answers to some of the questions that people may or may not have about mortgage loans. Today's world is constantly changing and banking institutions are constantly making various changes in their business policies to face their competitors. Therefore the information given above and the situation in the next few months or years may not be adjusted. In that case, I would request to contact the banks directly to know the current situation.


Any transaction based on or related to interest, gambling is strongly prohibited (Haram) in Islam.

How to Get Fair Skin Naturally: 5 Ways

There is no need to make big arrangements every day. By keeping a few things in mind, you too can get glowing skin. Let's find out what to do for this.

Get enough sleep. Many stay up all night, which is very harmful to the body. If you stay up too much at night, the face becomes dark, the face loses its brightness.

Drink plenty of water. Water helps keep the body hydrated.

Avoid eating too much sugar/sweets. Too much sugary stuff tightens the skin on the face and makes wrinkles appear on the face. And excess collagen is not good for the body.

Take care of your face at least one day a week. Clean the face well on that day with different types of scrubs and face washes. Using any type of face pack gives good results. In the case of face packs it is better if one uses a homemade pack. Because the cosmetics available in the market contain a lot of harmful substances which are always harmful to the skin.

You must sleep every night after cleaning your face. In no way can it be worn lying down with a dirty face from outside. If necessary, wipe the face with cotton with rose water. And apply moisturizer according to the type of facial skin.

These are some rules that must be followed even if you don't do any makeup. 

It is never possible to get beautiful skin without doing anything at all. By following the rules, you can get beautiful skin if you do at least these things.

Make Money with Google Adsense

Make Money with Adsense

People ask many questions about Google Adsense. Especially those who want to earn from blog or YouTube, want to know a lot about AdSense. Today I will not be able to answer all the questions in this article but I will try to highlight the important points. Just making a blog or YouTube channel is not enough, AdSense has some rules to earn money from it. AdSense account can be created only if all the rules are fulfilled properly. So let's get to know some important things.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a service of Google through which advertising is done. To put it simply, you must have seen some advertisements on various blogs or websites or YouTube videos. These ads are mainly provided through Google AdSense. When someone clicks on these ads and visits the advertiser's site, the advertiser pays Google a certain amount. Google keeps a little of that money. The rest of the money is given to the admin or owner of the blog or YouTube video. So, the more clicks on the ad, the more money will be deposited in the AdSense account of the owner of the blog or YouTube video. If the maximum amount of 100 dollars is deposited, Google AdSense deposits the money in the bank account of the owner of the blog or video. This is the biggest and most widely used way of income from blog or YouTube.

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is another popular service of Google. Through Google AdWords, Google contracts with various product companies, websites or organizations to promote their products or websites and charges a certain amount of money. Then through Google AdSense, it gives that ad or campaign on various blogs, websites or YouTube videos. There are generally two types of Google Adsense ads. First:- Display banner on various blogs, websites or YouTube videos. Second:- By displaying videos like television advertisements on YouTube videos. From here, 68% of the money that Google earns will go to the owner of the blog, website or YouTube channel, and the remaining 32% will be kept by Google as their service fee. It can be said that Adsense and Edward are both involved in the same work.

What will it take to earn with Adsense?

If you want to earn with Google Adsense, first of all - you must have a website or blog or a YouTube channel. If you know web design, then it is good. And if you don't know then you can make a website or blog site with someone else. After creating a website, it needs to be online with a domain hosting but if you stay with blogger/blogspot platform, you will get free Blogger hosting.

Then increase the website speed.
Better SEO of the website should be done and lots of articles be written. Do not copy and paste content from other websites. Articles that are useful to people should be written cleanly. Your website should have pages related to that website i.e. About page and Privacy Policy page. If there is someone else's ad on the website, it should be removed. You can apply to open a Google AdSense account when some visitors visit your website.

You can easily open adsense account if you have a mail id. And if you want to earn from Adsense through YouTube channel, then you must have a YouTube channel. A lot of educational videos that are useful to people should be made and uploaded there. Must have lots of subscribers and views. Then the channel has to be connected with Google AdSense.

Many people say that it is very difficult to get AdSense. I will say - nothing is easy in the world. Keep trying. AdSense will be approved. Once you get AdSense you have to follow their rules to protect it. You can visit Google AdSense Help Community on this site to know more details about AdSense and get necessary support.

How many posts should you have to get Google Adsense approval? 

According to me, the more unique posts there are, the easier it is to get Adsense. But the post must be at least 50' above. Some say it should be above 100'.
In this case I would say, you should write regular posts and keep applying for AdSense. Just make sure the words are clean. Because this text can be translated into English. If there is a mistake in the word after the translation, the result will be reversed. Then it is natural to reverse the beat.

What is the minimum number of words in an article?

In my opinion more than 500 words is better. Some say it should be at least 1000 words. In this case, I will say, when you write the article - what is the harm if you write a little easier! Even if you want to write a small poem, you have to use more than five hundred words. And if you write two or four lines, it is no longer an article. Moreover, if you write two or four lines on a page and leave the rest of the page blank, the beauty of the page is lost. Write something useful to people so that people read it patiently. Then you don't have to wait long to get adsense.

What topics should be written about?

According to me, there is no fixed topic for writing. If you write a blog, you can write about any topic. As you can see, I have written many necessary articles here. And I plan to write about many more topics in the future. In terms of writing, I would say, write something for people if you think they would benefit from reading it.

How to apply for Adsense? 

First the above rules must be obeyed. Then go to Google Adsense page and click the Sign in button on the top right and sign in with your email and password, or directly click the Get started button and give your website's domain or URL. Enter your own e-mail address. Select the button above the two radio buttons and save and continue. It is very simple. Check e-mail occasionally. If everything is fine then you will definitely get the reply. And they can tell you if there is anything wrong. When you get their e-mails, keep working on understanding each and every thing that is important. Hope the result will be good.

How to Get Adsense Payment?

Go to Payments FAQs


How to make a good presentation: the 10 steps to present successfully

Sooner or later every entrepreneur wonders how to make a good presentation. Many sales, alliances or negotiations will depend on a successful presentation, so we are going to see the best way to do it, the best tricks and the secret to presenting just like Steve Jobs.

Table of Contents
  • The 10 steps of a good presentation
  • 1. Give an adequate image
  • 2. Use the right body language
  • 3. Connect with the audience at the beginning of the presentation
  • 4. Make them curious
  • 5. Focus the presentation on a key theme or idea
  • 6. Explain the necessary concepts one by one
  • 7. Use stories to keep attention
  • 8. Use metaphors to explain key concepts
  • 9. Give examples
  • 10. End on a high note by summarizing the key issue
  • The secret of a good presentation

The 10 steps of a good presentation

To make a good presentation, we will have to take into account these 10 points:

  • Give a perfect picture .
  • Use proper body language .
  • Connect with the audience at the beginning of the presentation.
  • Make them curious , the best method to gain their attention.
  • Focus the presentation on a key theme or idea .
  • Explain the necessary concepts one at a time .
  • Use stories to hold attention.
  • Use metaphors to explain key concepts.
  • Put examples .
  • End on a high note by summarizing the key issue.

Let's look at each step in a little more detail.

1. Give an adequate image

The external appearance matters, first impressions are very powerful . Therefore, we must give an adequate image.

In general, we have 2 main options:
  • Present an image similar to that of our audience . If they're businessmen in suits, so are we. If they wear a more casual outfit , we can wear something similar. Present an image of authority . That means we dress professionally, even if our audience is not. In general, we will want to lean towards the second in case of doubt or when it is not convenient to adopt the same image as the audience.
  • If we are doctors giving a talk to people on the street, we may want to adopt a more professional image. If our audience is company workers in overalls and helmets, we don't want to wear overalls as well.

Whatever we choose, let's follow these premises:
  • Clothes should fit us well, our size .
  • Always neat , ironed shirt and clean clothes.
  • We must be comfortable , or that will show in the presentation, especially in the next point of body language.

2. Use the right body language

Body language is just as important as verbal language. We must be comfortable and relaxed . It is easier said than done and something that comes with practice.

In general, although we must adapt to our audience and whether the environment is more formal or informal, these are the main premises of body language to make a good presentation.

Relaxed and adopting open positions . No crossing your arms, putting your hands in your pockets, or standing hunched over or turning your back or side to the audience.
Make eye contact with that audience.
Hands help express concepts and emphasize points in the presentation. But they are not constantly moving as if we were swatting flies. Unfortunately, that's what a lot of people do when they're told to use their hands.

3. Connect with the audience at the beginning of the presentation

The beginning and the end are the most important moments when it comes to making a good presentation. Therefore, we have to connect with the audience to capture their attention.

There are 2 main ways to do it:

Try to connect by starting with a story that we have in common with the audience . If we are talking to stressed entrepreneurs, we can start by saying that we were in the same place as them, that we got out of there and we are going to explain how.
Impressing . We can always try to start with fireworks. Spectacular figures of results and to tell you that we are going to see how he achieved them, an impressive image...

4. Make them curious

Attention fluctuates in a presentation. To maintain it, the best method is to generate curiosity . You can achieve this, for example, with:
  • Pose a riddle related to the topic and give the solution at the end.
  • State a fact that seems contrary to conventional wisdom on the subject and say that it will explain why.

5. Focus the presentation on a key theme or idea

Although it explains several concepts, a good presentation always revolves around a single main idea or theme . This is important to keep in mind because most presentations are forgotten, and we want to be memorable.

When we center everything around a key theme, and what we are explaining connects with it and reinforces it, if they ask our audience what the presentation was about, they will be able to answer easily.

So: What is the fundamental theme of your presentation?

In case of having more than one, we must prioritize. Two important and different topics will compete for attention and neither will be remembered.

6. Explain the necessary concepts one by one

In a good presentation, concepts about the underlying topic are explained one at a time, ending with one before moving on to another.

If we are talking about improving health as the main topic, and we consider exercise, diet and rest as the 3 fundamental concepts, we go one by one, we do not mix and return to one when we are in the middle of another.

7. Use stories to keep attention

I've said it a thousand times, but it doesn't hurt to say it a thousand and one. Stories are the most powerful marketing tactic there is .

Stories are better remembered and cause more emotions. Every charismatic person is, without exception, a good storyteller.

Therefore, we must include stories in our presentation to make it memorable. If we are talking about health and exercise, we can tell the story of a person who applied our principles, and what happened to him, instead of listing them one by one as in a school lesson.

8. Use metaphors to explain key concepts

There will be key concepts that we want them to remember, for that, in a good presentation it is best to use metaphors. A good metaphor allows you to explain something complex in a simple way , remembering it more and understanding it better.

One that I use often, when I talk about marketing plans, for example, is to use the metaphor of the map. A good plan is like a map. It tells us how to reach the objective, in it we define the routes and we modify it as we advance and the terrain differs from the map that we drew at the beginning.

9. Give examples

Along with stories and metaphors, examples are another key element of a good presentation . When the concept is complex, or we want them to remember it, we give an example.

10. End on a high note by summarizing the key issue

The ending should serve to collect the main theme of a good presentation in a single sentence or memorable image.

Some take it further. In a famous presentation on malaria, Bill Gates ended up opening a jar full of mosquitoes that invaded the auditorium.

Better that we don't do something like that, but I can assure you that everyone who was there remembered what the presentation was about. Closing by emphasizing the main theme, and summarizing the key points, will suffice without the need for mosquitoes.

The secret of a good presentation

Steve Jobs is always given as an example of a good presentation. His keynotes of his were, without a doubt, an example of how to do it well, and everyone praised Jobs's "natural talent" for presentations.

There was no natural talent.

The secret to a good presentation is: rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal. 

In fact, Steve Jobs rehearsed so much and for so long that he drove the people who had to work with him crazy.

However, the end result is that everyone said that he exuded a "natural charisma". If we want to have the same: essay, essay and essay .

Now we know how to make a good presentation. By following these 10 points and the secret, we can make a successful presentation.

Warning ⚠ 
Any transaction or business based on or related to gambling and interest is strongly prohibited (Haram) in Islam.

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Islamic Insurance (Takaful) 

In Islam, conventional insurance is prohibited (Haram) for certain reasons but Takaful insurance is allowed. 

Takaful insurance is an Islamic Shariah and mutual assistance based scheme that provides financial support and assistance to participants under certain circumstances. Therefore, the participants contribute to this common fund with their own consent. In this type of insurance, the insurance company invests the contributions only through Shariah compliant means.

Most Islamic jurists conclude that conventional insurance is prohibited in Islam because it does not conform with sharia for the following reasons: 

◻️ Conventional insurance includes an element of al-gharar or uncertainty. 

◻️ Conventional insurance is based on the concept and practice of charging interest.